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    Contract Agreements

    SABURI demands and cares each customer requirements worth fully. We care the transfer of single deliveries and huge container transfers with trust respect and economical.As a global market distributor and considering the environmental developments, we do respect the public demands and are eagerly managed to cost our products to the nation’s economic and environmental strategies. The requirements of the customers defer on their volume and nature of their trade. Hence, we offer a customized costing proposal to manage their financial estimations. It depends upon their quality, quantity and availability of products.We ensure a reliable & flexible contract agreement and delivery schedules to each customer individually.

    NB: The detailed quotations are offered on behalf of the average consumption data’s along with the quality, quantity and delivery schedules are requested & provided by the customers.

    We offer our customers and user friendly and flexible contract agreements as per their request and demands like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly contracts. Our contracts ensure the customer the reliable, prompt, economical and persistent availability of fresh produces on their doorsteps.